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Once regions are selected, you can align them either horizontally or vertically by choosing Align Regions from the Format menu. This is a pull-right menu. Drag the mouse to the right to display two additional choices: Across and Down. You can also choose these commands by clicking on the appropriate button on the toolbar. When you choose Align Region see-Own from the pull-right menu, Mathcad does the following:
• Mathcad draws an invisible vertical line halfway between the right edge of the right most selected region and the left edge of the left-most selected region.
• All selected regions to the right of this line are moved left until their left edges are aligned with this line.
• All selected regions to the left of this line are moved right until their left edges are aligned with this line. Choosing Align Regions-e Across works in much the same way. Mathcad draws an invisible horizontal line halfway between the top edge of the uppermost region and the bottom edge of the lowest region. Selected regions below and above this line are moved  up and down respectively until the midpoints of their left edges are on this Note that this means it is possible to inadvertently make regions overlap. If, for example, the regions you select are almost horizontally aligned, choosing Align Regions-e Down may result in overlapping regions

Deleting regions

To delete one or more regions:
• Select the regions by dragging.
• Choose Cut from the Edit menu. Choosing Cut removes the selected regions from your worksheet and puts throne’s the clipboard. If you don’t want to disturb the contents of your clipboard or if you don’t want to save the selected regions, choose Delete from the Edit menu instead.

Alternative ways to select regions

There are actually three different ways to select regions. Which one you choose depends on the arrangement of the regions you want to select. The most common, selection by dragging the mouse, was discussed in a previous section. This is useful when the regions you want to select are not too far apart, and can be enclosed in a rectangle. The two additional methods are:
• Shift-clicking on the regions you want to select.
• Marking the two endpoints of a selection by clicking on them with the [Ctrl] key held down. Shift-clicking is useful when you want to select or deselect a region without affecting any other regions. For example, you should shift-click when:
• You can’t easily enclose the regions you want to select inside a rectangle. For example, if one region is near the top of a worksheet and the other is near the bottom, you cannot enclose them both in a rectangle without also enclosing many other regions in between.
• You want to add several more regions to a collection of regions you may have selected some other way.
• Several regions are selected and you want to deselect one of them”To select regions by shift-clicking, do the following:
• Move the mouse pointer to the first region you want to select,
• Press and hold down the [Shift] key and click the mouse button.
Mathcad surrounds the selected region in a selection rectangle. To select additional regions, repeat these steps with the mouse on the region you want to select. Make sure you hold down the [Shift] key while clicking. If you don’t, Mathcad will select whatever you shift-click on, but deselect all other selected regions. When there are a lot of regions to select, the selection rectangle may become unwieldy. In such cases, you can fill in your selection by control-clicking as follows:
• Select one or more regions either by shift-clicking, or by using the selection rectangle.
• With the [Ctrl] key held down, click on the last region in your selection. Mathcad selects all regions between the first selected region and whatever region you control-clicked on. This may include regions beyond the right or left edges of your window. You can think of control-clicking as a quick way to shift-click every region   between the first and last regions selected. The last region selected need not be the one you control-click on. If you control-click on a region between two selected regions, Mathcad selects all regions between the two selected regions.

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