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3D Bar Charts

Creating a 3D bar chart To create a bar chart: • Define a matrix of values to display, Mathcad will use the rows and column numbers of the matrix as x- and y-axes, The matrix elements will be shown as columns extending from the xy plane to the appropriate height. • Choose Graphy 3D Bar Chart from…

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Labeling 3D bar charts

The Title page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box, shown below, lets you add and modify the title on your bar chart. To add or edit a title for your bar chart: • Type the title for your plot into the Title text box. • To display the title, click on Show Title to insert…

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Changing the color and layout of the bars

You can often make a 3D bar chart communicate more effectively by using different colors. In addition, you can switch among several layouts of the bars to show your data most effectively. Use the Color & Lines page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box. To specify the color of your chart, click the appropriate button in…

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Resizing 3D bar charts

To change the size of a bar chart, follow these steps: • Click in the bar chart to select it. • Move the mouse pointer to one of the three handles along the edge of the bar chart. The pointer will change to a double-headed arrow, Press and hold down the mouse button. While holding…

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