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Labeling the scatter plot

The Title page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box, shown below, lets you add and modify labels on your scatter plot. To add or edit a title for your scatter plot: • Type the title for your plot into the Title text box. • To display the title, click on Show Title to insert a…

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Formatting scatter plots

Mathcad gives you control over many of the visual characteristics of scatter plots. These can be categorized in four groups: • Viewing characteristics: the type of plot being displayed, the perspective or point of view from which you see the plot, and the presence or absence of borders, enclosing boxes, axes, and back planes. • Color and line…

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Changing the format of the markers

YOU can often make your scatter plot communicate more effectively by changing one of the following: • You can mark the points with a symbol. • You can connect the points with a line. To do either of these, use the Color & Lines page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box To specify the type…

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3D Scatter Plots

Creating a 3D scatter plot Scatter plots allow you to plot an arbitrary collection of points in a three-dimensional space. This is particularly useful for such tasks as identifying data clusters or tracing a trajectory of a point. Scatter plots differ from all other 3D plots as follows: • In all other 3D plots, you create a…

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