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Playing an animation clip

As soon as you’ve created an animation clip as described in the previous section, Mathcad brings up the following window: Note that the first frame of the animation clip you just created is already in the window. To play back the animation clip, click on the arrow button at the lower left comer of the window. The arrow…

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Gallery of animations

The following figures show some of the things you can do with animation using Mathcad’s different plot types (polar, X-Y, 3D scatter, vector field, parametric surface, bar, and contour). Choose Resource Center from the Help menu and look for “Animations” in the QuickSheets to see some more Note that since Mathcad’s plots autoscale by default, you’ll…

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Creating an animation clip Mathcad comes with a predefined constant called FRAME whose sole purpose is to drive animations. The steps in creating any animation are as follows: • Create an expression or plot whose appearance ultimately depends on the value of FRAME as shown in Figure 27-1. This expression need not be a graph as shown.…

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