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Formatting the axes

The Axes page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box, shown below, lets you modify the format of the x- and y-axis of your plot. Each axis is described by its own set of,check boxes and text boxes. Mathcad generates grid lines on the plot at the same positions as the tick marks. To choose between seeing tick…

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Changing the shading of the contours

Y00 can often make a contour plot communicate more effectively by using different colors to represent different values of z. Alternatively, if you intend to print on a black and white printer, you can achieve a similar effect by using different shades of gray to represent different values of z. Use the Color and Lines page of the…

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Resizing a contour plot

To change the size of a contour plot, follow these steps: • Click in the contour plot to select it. • Move the mouse pointer to one of the three handles along the edge of the plot. The pointer will change to a double-headed arrow • Press and hold down the mouse button. While holding down…

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Contour Plots

Creating a contour plot To create a contour plot: • Define a matrix of values to plot. Mathcad will assume that the rows and columns represent equally spaced intervals on the axes. Mathcad then linearly interpolates the values of this matrix to form level curves. Such level curves can represent isotherms, isobars, equipotentials, streamlines, and many other physical…

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