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Highlighting equations

Mathcad allows you to highlight equations so that they stand out from the rest of the equations and text in your worksheet: To apply a background highlight color to an equation: • Click in the equation you want to highlight. • Choose Properties from the Format menu. • Click on the Display tab. • Click…

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Applications of math styles

You may already have encountered the styles used for determining the appearance of Mathcad text regions, as described in Chapter 5, “Text.” By making changes to text styles rather than to individual text regions, you can make sweeping and strikingly uniform changes in the way a worksheet looks. You can get this same kind of…

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Math styles

Just as you apply predefined styles and styles you create to modify the appearance of text regions in your worksheet, as described in Chapter 5, “Text,” you apply math styles to assign particular fonts, font sizes, font styles and effects, and colors to the elements of your math regions. Mathcad has two predefined math styles…

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Formatting results

The way that Mathcad displays numbers (the number of decimal places, whether to use i or j for imaginary numbers, and so on) is called the result format. You can set the result format for a whole worksheet or for a single calculated result. Setting worksheet default format To change the default display of numerical…

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