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Importing and Exporting Graphics

Reading and writing graphics files Mathcad includes functions that allow you to read in a grayscale or color image as data. Once you have read an image into a Mathcad matrix, you can view it in Mathcad’s picture operator or apply image processing techniques or other mathematical manipulations. And once you finish processing a matrix, you may save…

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Additional image reading and writing functions

In addition to the functions for reading and writing bitmap files described above, Mathcad Professional includes an assortment of more specialized functions for reading images or image components, including functions for reading images in GIF, JPG, and TGA formats. Your choice of which function to use will depend on: • Whether you want to create a Mathcad matrix…

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Creating pictures

You can create a picture in a Mathcad worksheet in the following ways: • By using the picture operator and supplying it either the name of a Mathcad matrix or the name of an external bitmap file as a string expression, or • By pasting in a graphic image from another application via the clipboard. Creating…

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Formatting pictures

As discussed in previous sections of this chapter, you create pictures in a Mathcad worksheet from matrices, bitmap files, or graphic images pasted from the clipboard. This section describes your options for formatting a picture once you’ve created Resizing pictures To resize a picture region, do the following: • Click the mouse inside the picture region to…

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