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Boolean operators

Unlike other operators, the boolean operators can return only a zero or a one. Despite this, they can be very useful. You have already seen an example in Figure 12-3 showing how a boolean operator made a variable upper limit of summation possible. Chapter 12, “Operators,” shows how a boolean operator makes it possible to determine the array index…

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You can use Mathcad’s integral operator to numerically evaluate the definite integral of a function over some interval. As an example, here’s how you would evaluate the definite integral of sin(x)2 from 0 to n/2 . Follow these steps: • Click in a blank space and type &. An integral appears, with placeholders for the  integrand, the limits…

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Summations and products

The summation operator sums an expression over all values of an index. The iterated product operator works much the same way. It takes the product of an expression over all values of an index To create a summation operator in your worksheet: • Click in a blank space. Then type [Ctrl][Shift]4. A summation sign with four placeholders appears…

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Mathcad includes ordinary operators like + and /, matrix operators like transpose and determinant, and special operators like iterated sum, iterated product, integrals, and derivatives. This chapter contains a list of Mathcad operators and describes how to enter and use the special operators. This chapter contains the following sections: List of operators List of Mathcad’s operators in order…

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