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Two-point boundary value problems

The functions described so far involve finding the solution to an nth order differential equation when you know the value of the solution and its first n – 1 derivatives at the beginning of the interval of integration. This section discusses what happens if you don’t have all this information about the solution at the beginning of the…

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Systems of differential equations

The procedure for solving a coupled system of differential equations follows closely that for solving a higher order differential equation. In fact, you can think of solving a higher order differential equation as just a special case of solving a system of differential equations. Systems of first order differential equations To solve a system of first order differential…

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Solving Differential Equations

This chapter describes how to solve both ordinary and partial differential equations having real-valued solutions. Mathcad Standard comes with the rkfixed function, a general-purpose Runge-Kutta solver that can be used on nth order differential equations with initial conditions or on systems of differential equations. Mathcad Professional includes a variety of additional, more specialized functions for solving differential equations. Some of these…

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