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Using the solver effectively

This section provides some ideas on how to effectively exploit Mathcad’s ability to solve systems of simultaneous equations. Repeatedly solving an equation The techniques given thus far, while they are effective for solving a particular system of equations, are limited by two things: • Every time you use a Find, you must have the rest of the…

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Systems of equations

Mathcad lets you solve a system of up to fifty simultaneous equations in fifty unknowns. The first part of this section sketches the procedure. The remainder contains several examples as well as a discussion of some common errors. The method given here will always return numbers for the unknown variables. To see the unknowns in terms of the other…

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Solving Equations

This chapter describes how to solve equations ranging from a single equation in one unknown to systems of up to fifty equations in fifty unknowns. The techniques described here generate numeric solutions.”Symbolic Calculation,” describes a variety of techniques for solving equations symbolically. The following sections make up Solving one equation How to use Mathcad’s root function to…

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