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Changing your view of the surface plot

The View page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box lets you modify the general presentation of your plot. To change your plot from a surface plot to another type of 3D plot, click on the appropriate button in the Display As group. You can convert any surface plot (except for parametric plots) into a contour plot or…

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Labeling the surface plot

The Title page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box, shown below, lets you add and modify a title for your surface plot. To add or edit a title for your surface plot: • Type the title for your plot into the Title text box . • To display the title, click on Show Title to…

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Creating parametric surface plots

To use Mathcad’s surface plot operator to draw parametric surface plots: • Type the names of three matrices having the same number of rows and columns into the placeholders at the bottom of the surface plot. • Mathcad interprets these three matrices as the X-, y-, and z-coordinates of points on a surface and draws this surface…

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Surface Plots

Creating a surface plot To create a surface plot: • Define a matrix of values to plot. Mathcad will use the rows and column numbers of the matrix as x- and y-axes. The matrix elements will be plotted as heights above or below the  plane. • Choose Graphic Surface Plot from the Insert menu. Mathcad shows a…

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