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Built-in units

When you start Mathcad the SI system of units is automatically loaded by default. This means that when you use the equal sign to display a result having units Mathcad automatically displays the units in the result in terms of some combination of the SI base units: meter, kilogram, second, ampere Kelvin candela, and mole. You can of course…

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Displaying units of results

Mathcad automatically displays results in terms of the fundamental units of the unit system you’re working with. Mathcad offers several choices of unit system: SI, CGS, MKS, D.S. customary units, or no unit system. If you’re using SI units, the default system in Mathcad, the base units are meter, kilogram, second, ampere, KeLvin, candeLa, and moLe. If you’re using…

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Units and Dimensions

Units of measurement, while not required in Mathcad equations, can help detect errors and enhance the display of computed results. Mathcad’s unit capabilities take care of many of the usual chores associated with using units and dimensions in scientific calculation. Once you enter the appropriate definitions Mathcad automatically performs unit conversions and flags incorrect and inconsistent dimensional calculations. This chapter…

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