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Although in most cases the math expressions or variables you work with in Mathcad are real and complex numbers, you can also work with string expressions (also called string literals or string variables), String expressions can include any character you can type at the keyboard, including letters, numbers, punctuation, and spacing, as well as a…

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Complex numbers

As described in the preceding section, Mathcad accepts complex numbers of the form a + bi , where a and b are ordinary numbers. You can use j instead of i if you prefer that notation. Complex numbers can also arise if you enter an expression with a complex result. Even a Mathcad expression that…

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This section describes the various types of numbers that Mathcad uses and how to enter them into equations. Types of numbers Mathcad interprets anything beginning with a digit as a number. A digit can be followed by: • other digits • a decimal point • digits after the decimal point • one of the letters…

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Predefined variables

Mathcad includes several variables that, unlike ordinary variables, are already defined when you start Mathcad. These variables are called predefined or built-in variables. Predefined variables either have a conventional value, like 1t and e, or are used as system variables to control how Mathcad works, like ORIGIN and TaL.Definition and use Pi. Mathcad uses the…

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Mathcad lets you use almost any expression as a variable or function name. Names in Mathcad can contain any of the following characters: • Uppercase and lowercase letters. • The digits 0 through 9. • The underscore (_). • a prime symbol ( , ). Note that this is not the same as an apostrophe.…

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