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Labeling the vector field plot

The Title page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box lets you add and modify a title on your vector field plot. To add or edit a title for your vector field plot: • Type the title for your plot into the Title text box. • To display the title, click on Show Title to insert…

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Formatting vector field plots

Mathcad gives you control over many of the visual characteristics of vector field plots. These can be categorized in three groups: • Axis formatting: whether to show tick marks or grid lines on each axis. • Title characteristics: how the plot will display titles. To change any of these plot characteristics, start with the 3D…

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Vector Field Plots

Creating a vector field plot In a vector field plot, each point in the xy plane is assigned a two-dimensional vector. To create a vector field plot, you must define a rectangular array of points and assign a vector to each point. You can do this by creating a matrix of complex numbers in which: • The rows…

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