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Note that if you want to insert the entire contents of a text region into an existing region, you should select the material you want to insert as a text string by clicking in the text and dragging to highlight it. If you copy an entire region selected with the selection rectangle, you can paste this selection only into a blank area of your worksheet. When you first enter text, its properties are determined by the worksheet or template defaults for the style called “Normal.” See the section “Text styles” on page 108 to find out about applying and modifying existing text styles and creating new ones for governing the default appearance of entire text regions. To change the font, size, style, position, and color of a portion of the text within a text  region, you can first select it and choose Text from the Format menu. Any properties that you define for selected text using this process override the properties associated with the style for that text region, even when you change those style properties. To change the properties of selected text:
• Select some text using one of the methods described in the section “Selecting text” on page 103.
• Choose Text from the Format menu. Mathcad displays a dialog box showing available fonts, styles, sizes, effects, and color. Alternatively, use the Format Bar for choosing fonts, sizes, and some styles and effects.
• Change the appropriate properties in the dialog box and click “OK.” You can change the following properties: Font To change the font of the selected text, scroll through the Font list in the dialog box and choose an available font. Font Style To change the style of the selected text, scroll through the Font Style list in the dialog box. As you scroll through the Font Style list you’ll notice that some style combinations are unavailable. For example, some fonts come in bold or italic, but not in bold and italic at the same time. If you’re using the font bar buttons and nothing seems to be happening, check the dialog box to see if the style you want is available for the font family you’re using. Font Size To change the size of the selected text, scroll through the Size list in the dialog box. Font sizes are in points. Note that some fonts are available in many sizes and others aren’t. Remember that if you choose a bigger font, the text region you’re in may grow and overlap nearby regions. Choose Separate Regions from the Format menu if necessary  Effects  To make selected text superscripted, subscripted, underlined, or struck out, click  on the appropriate Effects option in the dialog box. Color
To change the color of the selected text, scroll through the color list in the dialog box. Note that you can’t use the Format Bar to change color. You can only use the dialog box. If you simply place the insertion point in text and then change the text properties by choosing Text from the Format menu, any text you now type at that insertion point will have the new properties you selected.

Changing paragraph properties

The paragraph properties of a text region consist of alignment and indentation for either the first or all lines in the text region. When you first create a text region in your worksheet, the lines in the region are left aligned and not indented. You can change these properties for an individual text region by doing the following:
• Select the text region by clicking on it.
• Choose Paragraph from the Format menu. Mathcad displays the following dialog box:


• Change the appropriate properties in the dialog box and click “OK.” You can change the following properties: Alignment To align the text at either the left or right edge of the text region, or to center the text within the text region, use these three alignment buttons. Alternatively, use one of the three alignment buttons on the Format Bar. Indentation To indent every line in the text region the same amount, enter a the All Lines text box. To indent the first line of the text region a different amount than the rest of the lines, as for a conventional or hanging indent, enter a different value in the First Line text box. Both these text boxes expect a number in inches.

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