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You can create a hyperlink from any Mathcad region, such as a text region or a graphic element, to any Mathcad worksheet or template. When you or a reader double-clicks on this hyperlink, Mathcad will display the Mathcad worksheet designated by the hyperlink. In this way you can connect groups of related worksheets into a form similar


• Click the “Browse” button to locate and select the target worksheet. Alternatively, you may type the complete path to a worksheet in the empty text box at the top of the dialog box. For example, type c: \ Program Files\MathSoft \Mathcad \ to insert a hyperlink to the file located in the Mathcad folder. You can also enter an Internet address (URL) to create a hyperlink to a file on the World Wide Web. Click the “Use relative path for hyperlink” box to store the location of the target worksheet relative to the Mathcad worksheet containing the hyperlink. This allows the hyperlink to be valid even if you move the target file and the worksheet containing the hyperlink, but keep the relative directory structure between the two the same. If you want the location of the target worksheet to be absolute instead, do not click the box for using a relative path. See the previous section, “Making
equations of one worksheet available in another,” for more information about relative and absolute paths.
• Click the “Display as pop-up document” checkbox if you want the target worksheet to open in a small pop-up window when you double-click on the gateway.
• If you want a message to appear on the status line at the bottom of the window when the mouse hovers over the gateway to the hyperlink, type the message in the text box at the bottom of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
• Click “OK.”
Mathcad then establishes the hyperlink. If you used selected text as the gateway, Mathcad underlines the text and makes it bold to indicate the existence of a hyperlink.  Other gateways won’t be marked in any way, but if you use a graphic element as a “button” for the gateway, the existence of the hyperlink may be obvious. Mathcad will also now change the mouse pointer to a “hand” cursor when you hover over the gateway, and any message you specified will appear on the status line at the bottom of the window when the cursor is over the gateway. WIlen you double-click on the gateway to the hyperlink, Mathcad opens the target worksheet in the kind of window (either pop-up or full) you specified. You close a popup window by clicking on the close box in the upper right comer. To change any aspects of a hyperlink-for example, if you move the target worksheet and still want the hyperlink to work–click anywhere in the gateway and choose Hyperlink-Edit from the Insert menu. Then you can change the name or location of the target worksheet, whether the target worksheet displays in a pop-up window, and whether the location of the target file is stored as a relative or absolute path. You can also change the status bar message assigned to the hyperlink. To remove a hyperlink, simply click anywhere in the gateway and choose Hyperlink from the Insert menu. Mathcad will remove all traces of the link,

Creating hyperlinks to files other than Mathcad worksheets

The methods described in the previous section will create a hyperlink not only from one Mathcad worksheet to another, but also from a Mathcad worksheet to any other file type, either on a local or network drive or on the World Wide Web. Use this feature to create more full-featured “Electronic Books” or compound documents that contain not only Mathcad worksheets but word processing files, animation files-any file type that you want. You can create a hyperlink to any file type for which you have an appropriate “viewer”
application. When you double-click on a hyperlink to a file other than a Mathcad

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