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Once you’ve saved an edited copy of an Electronic Book, Mathcad will open up that copy rather than the original unedited copy. Whenever you turn to a section that’s been annotated and saved, you’ll see a in the title bar beside that section’s title. To see the original section, as it appeared in the original copy of the Electronic Book before you made any changes, choose View Original Section from the Books context menu. If you want to go back to the corresponding section in the annotated copy of the Electronic Book, choose View Edited Section from the context menu. To delete the annotations permanently in a particular section, choose Restore Section from the Books context menu. To

Annotating an Electronic Book

While you have an Electronic Book open, you may edit any of the math you see, enter text, and create graphs directly in the Electronic Book window. By default, when you make changes in an Electronic Book, Mathcad remembers those changes as long as the book is open. When you close the book, whatever changes you make are lost. The next time yo open that Electronic Book, it will appear as if it had never been changed at all..A To save a copy of your edited Electronic Book, choose Annotate Book from the context menu before making any changes. (Click on the Electronic Book window with the right mouse button to see the context menu.) This places a checkmark beside the menu command to indicate that you can now save an annotated copy of your Electronic Book. The original copy of your Electronic Book will, of course, remain untouched. As you make changes and type in your Electronic Book, you may want to mark the regions you change. To do so, choose Highlight Changes from the Books context menu. After you’ve done so, Mathcad displays any changed regions in a different color. You can set this color by choosing Color-e-Annotation from the Format menu. To stop highlighting regions, choose Highlight Changes from the context menu again. This removes the checkmark from beside the menu command and disables this feature. Once you’ve made changes in your Electronic Book, choose one of the following from
the Books context menu. You will have the option of:
• Choosing Save Section to save the changes you’ve made in the section you’re working on, or
• Choosing Save All Changes to save all changes since you last opened the book. Once Mathcad saves an annotated copy of the Electronic Book, you’ll see an asterisk beside the title whenever you turn to an annotated section. The next time you openhanded Electronic Book, Mathcad will open the annotated rather than the original copy.If you’ve made changes to an Electronic Book and you haven’t chosen one of the above options, you’ll be given the option of saving all changes you have made or of reviewing the changed sections, one at a time, and deciding whether to save or discard the changes.

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