Finding information in an Electronic Book MathCad Help

In addition to using the Table of Contents to find topics in the Electronic Book, you can search for topics or phrases. To do so:
• Click on the Search button in the Electronic Book toolbar to open the Search dialog box shown below.
• Type a word or phrase in the “Search for” text box. As you type, the scrolling list displays words or phrases that closely match the letters you type.
• Select a word or phrase and click “Search” to see a list of topics containing that entry and the number of times it occurs in each topic.
• Choose one of these topics and click on “Go To.” Mathcad opens the Electronic Book section containing the entry you want to search for. Some Electronic Books show additional buttons in the toolbar. The Resource Center toolbar, for example, has a button that opens an additional toolbar for Web browsing in the Resource Center window, as described in “Web browsing in the Resource Center”
on page 38. Use the key combinations [Shift][PgDn] and [Shift][PgUp] to move down or up in increments of one page within the current section of the Electronic Book. To move one screen to the right or left, click to the right or left of the scroll box in the horizontal
scroll bar. Mathcad keeps a record of where you’ve been in the Electronic Book. When you click on the Back button, Mathcad goes back to the last section you opened and the page you were on when you left it. Backtracking is especially useful when you have clicked to look at a cross reference and you want to go back to the section you just came from. If you don’t want to go back one section at a time, click on the History button in the Electronic Book toolbar. This opens a window listing all the sections you’ve viewed since you first opened the Electronic Book. And if your Book has a Web Toolbar, you can use the Bookmark button to save the location of a section to visit at a later date.

• Drag the regions in to the destination worksheet. Let go of the mouse button when you have positioned the regions to your liking.
Printing and saving a section from an Electronic Book
To print the current section of the Electronic Book,
• Click on the Print button in the Electronic Book tool bar.
• Use the Print dialog box to control what pages to print and what printer to print on. To save the current section of the Electronic Book,
• Click on the Save button in the Electronic Book toolbar.
• Use the Save As dialog box to specify a location and format for the worksheet you want to save. For more information about printing and saving Mathcad worksheets, see Chapter 4, “Worksheet Management.”




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