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Mathcad provides several ways to get help on product features through a traditional on-line Help system. To see Mathcad’s on-line Help at any time, choose Mathcad Help from the Help menu, or press [Fl]. Choose Tip of the Day from the Help menu for a series of helpful hints on using Mathcad. Mathcad automatically displays one of these tips whenever you start it if “Show Tips at Startup” is checked. You can get context sensitive help while using Mathcad. For menu commands, click on the command and read the message line at the bottom of your window. For toolbar or palette buttons, hold the pointer over the button momentarily to see a tool tip. You can also get more detailed help on menu commands or on many operators and error messages. To do so:
• Click on an error message, a built-in function or variable, or an operator.
• Press [Fl] to bring up the relevant Help screen. To get help on menu commands or on any of the palette buttons:
• Press [Shift][Fl]. Mathcad changes the pointer into a question mark.
• Choose a command from the menu. Mathcad shows the relevant Help screen.
• Click on any palette button. Mathcad displays the operator’s name and a keyboard shortcut on the message line.

To resume editing, press [Ese] or [Shift][Fl]. The pointer turns back into an arrow.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in On-line Resources

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