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Mathcad allows you to highlight equations so that they stand out from the rest of the equations and text in your worksheet: To apply a background highlight color to an equation:
• Click in the equation you want to highlight.
• Choose Properties from the Format menu.
• Click on the Display tab.
• Click in the box next to “Highlight Region.” Click “Choose Color” to choose a highlight color other than the default choice.
• Click “OK.”
Mathcad fills a box around the equation with either the default background highlight color or the color you chose. This is a purely cosmetic change with no effect on the equation other than rendering it more conspicuous. The appearance of a highlighted equation on printing will depend very much on the capabilities of your printer and the choice of highlight color. Some printers will render a color as black, obscuring the equation in the process. Others will render the exact s~e color as just the right gray to highlight the equation without obscuring it.4 To change the default background color of a highlighted equation, do the following:
• Choose Color from the Format menu.
• Pull right and choose Highlight to bring up a dialog box containing a palette of colors.
• Click on the appropriate color.

Posted on November 21, 2015 in Equation and Result Formatting

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