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A number of the on-line Mathcad resources described in this chapter are located not on your own computer or on a local network but on the Internet, the global network that includes the World Wide Web. When you choose Collaboratory from the File menu, for example, you are requesting information from a file server on the World Wide Web. To access these resources on the Internet you need:
• Networking software to support a 32-bit Internet (TCPIIP) application. Such software is usually part of the networking services of your operating system; see your operating system documentation for details.
• A direct or dial-up connection to the Internet, with appropriate hardware and communications software. Consult your system administrator or Internet access provider for more information about your Internet connection. Before accessing the Internet through Mathcad, you also need to know whether you must use a proxy server to access the Internet. If you use a proxy, ask your system administrator for the proxy machine’s name or Internet Protocol (IP) address, as well as the port number (socket) you use to connect to it. You may specify separate proxy servers for each of the three Internet protocols understood by Mathcad: HTTP, for the World Wide Web; FTP, an older file transfer protocol; and GOPHER, an older protocol for access to information archives. Once you have this information, choose Internet Setup from the File menu. Then enter this information in the appropriate places in the Internet Setup dialog box. Mathcad has a full on-line Help system, but with Mathcad you can also access mathematical and technical content located on your computer or on the World Wide Web. Mathcad gives you a direct link to the Collaboratory, a unique Web-based messaging system that connects you to the community of Mathcad users. Mathcad also comes with the


Center, a Mathcad Electronic Book containing an extensive collection of tutorials, examples, and reference information, with links to further resources on the World Wide Web. Additional Mathcad Electronic Books are available from MathSoft or your local software distributor. The following sections make up this chapter:

Internet access in Mathcad

What you need to connect to Web-based resources from within Mathcad.

The Collaboratory

How to retrieve and post files to the Collaboratory, a Web-based service for communicating with other Mathcad users.

Resource Center

The Electronic Book that is both a library of reference content on your desktop and a gateway to resources on the World Wide Web.

Using Electronic Books

Opening, navigating, and annotating Mathcad Electronic Books.

Help and context sensitive help

On-line Help on product features.


The remaining information in the Internet Setup dialog box was entered at the time you installed Mathcad, but you may modify it here at any time:
• Your name, which will appear on any Collaboratory messages you send from within Mathcad.
• Your Internet electronic mail address, which will appear on any Collaboratory messages you send from within Mathcad. The URL for the Colla bora tory server you contact when you choose Collaboratory from the File menu.

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