Labeling the vector field plot MathCad Help

The Title page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box lets you add and modify a title on your vector field plot.

To add or edit a title for your vector field plot:
• Type the title for your plot into the Title text box.
• To display the title, click on Show Title to insert a check. To conceal the title without deleting it, click on Show Title to remove the check.
• To position the title, click on either the Above or Below button. Mathcad places the title either directly above or below your plot.
• Click “OK” to close the dialog box when you have finished.

To change the title’s text or position, edit the information in the Title group as appropriate. To delete the title, highlight it in the text box and press [Del].

If you initiate this process by double-clicking on the title itself, you’ll see an equivalent dialog box.

How Mathcad positions a title on a vector field plot.

Titles on a vector field plot.

Titles on a vector field plot.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Vector Field Plots

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