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If you’re connected to a mail system that’s compatible with Microsoft Mail, you’ll be able to use Mathcad to direct that system to send an electronic mail message and your current Mathcad worksheet. This saves you the work of opening a separate mail application to e-mail a Mathcad worksheet. Mathcad supports any electronic mail system compatible with Microsoft’s Mail API (MAPI). When you use Mathcad to send a worksheet by electronic mail, the recipient of the message will receive the worksheet as a me attached to an ordinary e-mail message, provided that the recipient’s mail system uses the same encoding technique as yours. To”send a Mathcad worksheet by electronic mail:
• Open the worksheet you want to send.
• Choose Send from the File menu.Once you do so, your mail system will launch and create a new message with your worksheet as an attachment. You should then enter the text of your mail message, the address of the recipient, and any other information allowed by your mail system. The settings in your mail system determine how Mathcad worksheets are attached to the mail message. We recommend that you use an encoding method such as MIME or UUENCODE, if available, to attach Mathcad worksheets to mail messages.If you’re not connected to a MAPI-compatiblemail system, the Send command on the File menu will be grayed out, but you can send a Mathcad worksheet by manually making it an attachment to a mail message.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Worksheet Management

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