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Pro Mathcad allows you to establish connections between Mathcad worksheets in two ways. One type of connection allows you to reference one worksheet from anotherthat is, to access the computational machinery in the other worksheet without opening it or typing its equations or definitions directly in the current worksheet. Mathcad also allows you to set up hyperlinks between Mathcad worksheets-that is, to create “hotspots” in your Mathcad worksheets that, when you double-click on them, 6ring up other Mathcad worksheets. You can also create simple hyperlinks in Mathcad worksheets in order to view arbitrary file types, such as word processing documents, help files, or animation files. These connections are explored in more detail below. MathConnex application to link Mathcad worksheets and other computational components to create heterogeneous computational systems. In MathConnex you draw “wires” between components, specifying which computational outputs from one component become the inputs for the next component. In this way you chain together computation procedures from Mathcad worksheets and other sources. See the MathConnex Getting Start Guide for more information. And for general information about establishing OLE links between Math cad and other applications, see the section “Using OLE” on page 91 and Chapter 19, “Data Management.” Making equations of one worksheet available in another There may be times when you want to use formulas and calculations from one Mathcad worksheet inside another. You can, of course, simply open both worksheets and use Copy and Paste from the Edit menu to move whatever you need to move, or drag regions from one worksheet and drop them in the other. However, when entire worksheets are involved, this method may be cumbersome or may result in unnecessary clutter, obscuring the main computations of your worksheet. A simple way to make formulas from one worksheet available in another one is to insert a reference in the current worksheet. When you insert a reference to a worksheet, you
won’t see the formulas of the referenced worksheet, but the current worksheet behaves as if you could. To insert a reference to a worksheet:
• Click the mouse wherever you want to insert the reference. Make sure you click in empty space and not in an existing region. The cursor should look like a crosshair.
• Choose Reference from the Insert menu. You’ll see the following dialog box:


• Click the “Browse” button to locate and select a worksheet. Alternatively, you may type the complete path to a worksheet in the empty text box. For example, you would type c: \ Program Files\MathSoft\Mathcad\ to insert a reference to the file conf orm. mcd located in the Mathcad folder. You can also enter an Internet address (URL) to insert a reference to a Mathcad file that
is located on the World Wide Web.
• Click “OK” to insert the reference into your worksheet. To indicate that a reference has been inserted, Mathcad pastes a small icon wherever you had the crosshair as shown in Figure 4-4. The path to the referenced worksheet is to the right of the icon. All definitions in the referenced worksheet will be available below or to the right of this icon. If you double-click on this icon, Mathcad opens the referenced worksheet in its own window for editing. You can move or delete this icon just as you would any other Mathcad region. ) By default, the location of the referenced file is stored in the worksheet as an absolute system path (or URL). This means that if you copy the main worksheet and the referenced worksheet to a different file system with a different directory structure, Mathcad will not be able to locate the referenced file. If you want the location of the referenced file to be stored relative to the Mathcad worksheet containing the reference, however, click the “Use relative path for reference” box in the Insert Reference dialog box. This allows the reference to be valid even if you move the referenced file and the
main worksheet, but keep the relative directory structure between the two the same. To use a relative path, the two worksheets must be on the same local or network drive. If you specify a relative path, Mathcad displays a capital “R” in parentheses at the end of the path for the reference in your worksheet.

Figure 4-4: An icon representing a referenced worksheet, herefrom the World Wide Web. Definitions in the referenced worksheet are available below and to the right of this icon.

Figure 4-4: An icon representing a referenced worksheet, herefrom the World
Wide Web. Definitions in the referenced worksheet are available below and
to the right of this icon.

This mechanism will work for worksheets stored on a local or network drive or on the World Wide Web. Of course, if you move the referenced worksheet after having inserted a reference to it in another worksheet, Mathcad will display an error message in the main worksheet indicating that it can no longer find the referenced worksheet. If you edit the contents of a referenced file so that any calculations change, you must re-open any worksheets that contain references to that file for any calculations to update. The calculations in those worksheets do not update automatically.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Worksheet Management

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