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To change the size of a contour plot, follow these steps:
• Click in the contour plot to select it.
• Move the mouse pointer to one of the three handles along the edge of the plot. The pointer will change to a double-headed arrow

• Press and hold down the mouse button. While holding down the button, move the mouse. The contour plot will stretch in the direction of motion.
• Once the contour plot is the right size, let go of the mouse button • Click outside the contour plot to deselect it

Formatting contour plots

Mathcad gives you control over many of the visual characteristics of contour plots.

These can be categorized in four groups:
• Viewing characteristics: the type of plot being displayed.
• Axis formatting: whether to show tick marks or grid lines on each axis.
• Color and line formatting: whether the plot uses grayscale or color to show the height of a section and how the plot shows contours.
• Title characteristics: how the plot will display titles.
To change any of these plot characteristics, start with the 3-D Plot Format dialog box:
• Click on the plot to select it.
• Choose Graph=>3D Plot from the Format menu. Alternatively, double-click on the plot itself. Mathcad brings up the 3D Plot Format dialog box. The View Page

of this dialog box is shown below. The remaining three tabs take you to three additional pages.
• If necessary, click the tab for the page you want to work with.
• Change the appropriate characteristics in the dialog box.
• To see the effect of your changes without closing the dialog box, click “Apply.”
• When you’re finished, close the dialog by clicking “OK.”

Changing your view of the contour plot

The View page of the 3D Plot Format dialog box lets you modify the general presentation of your plot.
To change your plot from a contour plot to another type of 3-D plot, click on the appropriate button in the Display As group. You can convert a contour plot into a Surface Plot or a 3D Bar Chart. These plot types are fully discussed in the corresponding chapters in this User’s Guide. You can also display just the points making up the contours without displaying the contours themselves. To do so, click on Data Points. You can then change how the points look by using the Colors & Lines tab of this dialog box. For more information, see Chapter 25, “3D Scatter Plots.”

The same matrix being plotted as a surface plot and as a contour plot.

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