Saving, printing, and quitting MathCad Help

Once you’ve created a worksheet, you will probably want to save or print it. This section explains how to save and print in Mathcad.

Saving a worksheet

To save the file,
• Choose Save from the File menu or click on the disk icon in the toolbar. If the file has never been saved before, the Save As dialog box appears. Otherwise, Mathcad saves the file with no further prompting.
• Type the name of the file in the text box provided. By default, Mathcad saves the file either in the folder in which Mathcad is installed or in the folder from which you most recently opened a worksheet during the current session. To save to another folder, locate the folder using the Save As dialog box. By default Mathcad saves the file in Mathcad (MCD) format, but you have the option of saving in RTF format to be able to open the file in a word processor. You may also save the file as a template for future Mathcad worksheets, or in a format compatible with earlier Mathcad versions. For more information on saving and opening files, see Chapter 4, “Worksheet Management.”


To print, choose Print from the File menu or click on the printer icon in the toolbar. You may preview the printed page by choosing Print Preview from the File menu For more information on printing, see Chapter 4, “Worksheet Management.”

Quitting Mathcad

When you’re done using Mathcad, choose Exit from the File menu. Mathcad closes down all its windows and returns you to the Desktop. If you’ve made any changes in your worksheets since the last time you saved, a dialog box appears asking if you want to discard or save your changes. If you have moved the toolbar, font bar, or math palettes, Mathcad remembers their locations for the next time you open the application .

Posted on November 20, 2015 in The Basics

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