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Mathcad uses default settings to format the axes and traces of new polar plots as you create them. You can change these defaults in two ways:
• By saving as defaults the settings of your current plot.
• By using the Setting Default Formats for Polar Plots dialog box to set defaults, if.” you don’t want to use an existing plot.
• Changing defaults only affects new polar plots; previously existing plots are unaffected.

Copying defaults from an existing plot

One way to create a new set of defaults is to use the format settings of an existing polar plot. The advantage of this method is that you can use “Apply” to see how the format settings look while you define them.

To use the format of a particular polar plot as the default polar plot settings:
• Select the graph by clicking on it.
• Click the Defaults tab on the dialog box for formatting polar plots. The Defaults page appears, as shown below.
• If the Use for Defaults check box isn’t checked, click on it to add one. When you close the dialog box, Mathcad saves these settings as your default settings.

Setting defaults without using a polar plot

You don’t have to use an existing polar plot to create or revise default formats. Instead, you can use the dialog box for polar plot defaults. To set defaults this way:
• Make sure that you don’t have any plots selected.
• Choose Graphee-Polar Plot from the Format menu. You’ll see the dialog box for polar plot defaults. The following figure shows an example of this dialog box
• Polar Axes page displayed .
• Change the appropriate settings on the Polar Axes and Traces pages.
• Click “OK” to accept your changes and close the dialog box

Using default graph settings

If you don’t want the format changes made to your polar plot since creating the last set of default settings, you can restore the plot to its current default settings. To do so:
• Click the Defaults tab on the dialog box for polar plots.
• Click “Change to Defaults”.
• Click “OK” to close the dialog box.

Mathcad redraws the plot, using the most recent set of default format settings. Mathcad does not use any defaults you might have set using the Use for Defaults check box at any time after the creation of this plot.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Polar Plots

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