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You can use vectors and matrices to define several variables at once. You do this by placing an array of variable names on the left side of a and a corresponding array of values to the right. Mathcad assigns the values on the right to the corresponding names on the left. Figure 10-20 shows two such definitions

Simultaneous definitions.

Simultaneous definitions.

The left side of a simultaneous definition is a vector or matrix whose elements are either names or subscripted variable names. The right side must be a vector or matrix expression having the same number of rows and columns as the left side. Mathcad defines each variable on the left side with the value of the expression in the corresponding
position on the right side.

Mathcad evaluates all elements on the right-hand side before assigning any of them to the left hand side. Because of this, nothing on the right hand side of an expression can depend on what is on the left hand side. You also cannot have a variable appear more than once on the left hand side.

Simultaneous definitions are useful for iterating several equations simultaneously. Several examples are described in Chapter 11, “Range Variables.”

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Vectors and Matrices

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