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After creating text, you can have Mathcad search it for misspelled words and suggest replacements. You can also add words that you commonly use to your dictionary. Note that Mathcad will spell-check only text regions, not math or graphics regions. Checking text for misspelled words To begin spell-checking, you first have to tell Mathcad what portions of the worksheet to spell-check. There are two ways to do this:
• Click at the beginning of wherever you want to spell-check. Mathcad will spellcheck starting from this point and continue to the end of the worksheet. Mathcad will then let you either continue the spell-check from the beginning of the worksheet or quit spell-checking.
• Alternatively, select the text you want to spell-check by dragging the mouse across the text. -Once you’ve defined a range over which to check spelling:
• Choose Check Spelling from the Edit menu. When Mathcad finds a misspelled word, it opens the dialog box shown below.


The dialog box shows the misspelled word along with a suggested replacement. It may also show a list of other suggested replacements. If Mathcad has no immediate suggestions, it will show only the misspelled word. After the dialog box appears, you have several options:
• To change the word to the suggested replacement, click on “Change”.
• To change the word to one from the list of replacements, select one land click “Change”.To see additional but less likely , click “Suggest”. Note that if Mathcad can offer no additional suggestions, the “Suggest” button will be grayed out.
• To change the word to one not listed, type the replacement into the “Change to” box and click “Change”.
• To leave the word as is, click “Ignore” or “Add”. If you click “Ignore”, Mathcad will leave the word alone and continue spell-checking, ignoring all future occurrences of the word as it does so. If you click “Add,” Mathcad will add the word to your dictionary. The following section explains this dictionary in more detail.


Personal dictionaries

To determine whether a word is misspelled, Mathcad compares it with the words in the following dictionaries:
• A general dictionary of common English words supplemented by mathematical terms.
• A personal dictionary.
When a word is not found in either dictionary, Mathcad will warn you that it may be misspelled. If there are certain correctly spelled words throughout your worksheet which Mathcad nevertheless shows as being misspelled, you may want to add them to your personal dictionary. This will prevent Mathcad from considering them misspelled. To add a word to your personal dictionary When Mathcad shows the word in the Check Spelling dialog box, click “Add”. This will add the word to your dictionary. For future spell checking, Mathcad will not show it as being misspelled

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