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This section describes Mathcad features for editing existing text. This includes changing the words themselves, either manually or by clicking and typing. It also includes changing the way the words look by changing various font properties, and changing the way they’re arranged by changing the alignment within text regions.

Moving the insertion point in text

In general, the procedures in this User’s Guide tell you to move the insertion point around text regions by clicking with the mouse wherever you want to put the insertion point. However, as an alternative, you can also use the arrow keys to move the insertion point. This section briefly describes these keys. The arrow keys move the insertion point character by character or line by line within
text. Pressing [Ctrl] and an arrow key moves the insertion point word by word or line by line. These and other ways of moving the insertion point are summarized in the table below .


Selecting text The commands described in “Inserting text” on page 98 involve selecting the whole text region by dragging the selection rectangle. The commands described in this section on text editing involve working with selections of text within a text region. There are
several ways to select text in a text region:
• Click in the text region so that the text box appears. Drag across the text holding the mouse button down. Mathcad highlights the selected text, including any full lines between the first and last characters you selected.
• Click in the text and press [Shift] and an arrow key. Mathcad highlights the text in the direction of the arrow key used.
• Click in the text and press [Ctrl][Shift] and an arrow key. If a left or right arrow  is used, Mathcad highlights from the insertion point to the beginning of the current  or next word. If an up or down arrow is used, Mathcad highlights text from the insertion point to the beginning or end of a line.
• Select just one word of text by double-clicking on it. Once text is selected, you can delete it, copy it, check the spelling, or change its font, size, style, or color.

Cutting and copying text

To cut a sequence of characters from a text region, follow these steps:
• .~Click in the text region and select the desired string of text. The highlighted text  is shown in “reverse video.”
• Choose Cut from the Edit menu. Mathcad deletes the text from the text region, copies it to the clipboard, and re-wraps the remaining text. You could also copy text to the clipboard without deleting it. To do so, choose Copy instead of Cut from the Edit menu. You can use the appropriate toolbar buttons for these operations instead of using the Edit menu commands. I;problem: Assume 11 long pipe I With turbulent Once you’ve cut or copied text to the clipboard, you can paste it back into any text region or into an empty space to create a new text region. To do so:
• Click in the spot where you want to paste the text. This can be anywhere in an existing text region or in an empty area of your worksheet. [Problem: assume 11 long pipe I With turbulent directionless
• Choose Paste from the Edit menu. Mathcad pastes the text from the clipboard into the text region

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