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Mathcad uses text styles to assign default text and paragraph properties to entire text regions. Text styles give you an easy way to create a consistent appearance in your worksheets: rather than choose particular text and paragraph properties for each individual region, you can apply an available text style, setting a range of text and paragraph properties at once. Every worksheet has a default, “normal” text style with a particular choice of text and paragraph properties. Depending on your worksheet and the template from which the worksheet is derived, you may have other predefined text styles to choose from, and you can apply those styles to existing or new text regions. You can also modify existing text styles, create new ones of your own, and delete ones you no longer need. This section describes the procedures for applying, modifying, creating, and deleting text styles. See the previous section, “Text editing,” for details on the available text and paragraph properties and for instructions on formatting selected text within a text region

Applying a text style to a text region

Your worksheet or worksheet template provides you with one or more text styles for determining the default appearance of text regions; each text style governs a constellation of text properties and paragraph properties. If you simply create a text region in your Mathcad worksheet, the region is tagged with the style called “Normal.” To apply a different text style to a text region:
• Click in the text region.
• Choose Style from the Format menu to see a list of the available text styles, as shown below:


Available text styles will differ depending on the worksheet template you based worksheet on.
• Select one of the available text styles and click “Apply.” The default text in your region acquires the text and paragraph properties associated with that style. As an alternative to choosing Style from the Format menu, you can apply a text style to a text region simply by clicking in the text region and choosing a style from the leftmost drop-down list in the Format Bar:


When you apply a text style to a text region, the region’s paragraph properties change to those of the applied text style, but only the default text in the region acquires the new text properties. Text you have previously selected and formatted by changing the font, font size, and color, as described in the section “Text editing,” will retain its previous appearance. If you previously only modified text properties other than the font in the selected text, the selected text will now acquire the text properties of the style with the addition of the particular style, size, and effects chosen. Figure 5-2 shows part of a Mathcad worksheet that contains text regions with different text styles

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