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you can view with a standard Web-browsing application, in addition to Mathcad worksheets. You have the convenience of accessing all of the rich information resources of the Internet without leaving the Mathcad environment. To browse to any World Wide Web page from within the Resource Center window:
• Click on the Web Toolbar button (the one that looks like a globe) on the Resource Center toolbar. As shown below, an additional toolbar with an “Address” line appears below the Resource Center toolbar to indicate that you are now in a Webbrowsing mode:

Figure 2-3: Browsing the World Wide Web from within the Resource Center.

Figure 2-3: Browsing the World Wide Web from within the Resource Center.

The remaining buttons on the Web Toolbar let you bookmark the page for a later visit. reload the current page, and interrupt the current file transfer. When you are in Webbrowsing mode and click with the right mouse button on the Resource Center window, Mathcad displays a context menu with commands appropriate for viewing Web pages. In the “Address” box type a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for a document on the World Wide Web. To visit the MathSoft home page, for example, type http://www.mathsoft.com/. If you have Internet access and the serveris available, you will load the requested page in your Resource Center window, as shown in Figure 2-3. Under Windows NT 3.51, you will launch a Web browser
instead. Many of the buttons on the Resource Center toolbar remain active when you are in Web-browsing mode, so that you can copy, save, or print material you locate on the Web, or backtrack to pages you previously viewed. When you click on the Table of Contents button you return to the Table of Contents for the Resource Center.
You may use the Resource Center in Web-browsing mode to open Mathcad worksheets on the Web. Simply type the URL of a Mathcad worksheet in the “Address” box in the Web Toolbar. When the Resource Center window is in Web-browsing mode, Mathcad is actually using a Web-browsing OLE control provided by Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web browsing in Mathcad requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3.02 or later to be installed on your system. Although Microsoft Internet Explorer is installed when you install Mathcad, you can refer to Microsoft Corporation’s Web site at
for licensing and support information about Microsoft Internet Explorer and to download the latest version. Use the buttons at the bottom of the Resource Center Table of Contents as shortcuts to
the following pages on MathSoft’s WorId Wide Web site:
• mathsoft.com: MathSoft home page.
• Registration: On-line product registration form.
• Tech Support: Technical support pages.
• Web Store: Purchase additional MathSoft products on-line.

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