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When you start Mathcad you’ll open up a window on a Mathcad worksheet. There are times when a Mathcad worksheet cannot be displayed in its entirety because the window is too small. To bring unseen portions of a worksheet into view, you can:
• Use the scroll bars and arrow keys to move around the worksheet.
• Make the window larger.
• Choose Zoom from the View menu and choose a number smaller than 100%. Mathcad windows work very much like those of most Windows applications. If you’ve worked with Windows applications before, much of the material in this section will already be familiar to you. There are several ways to move the window from one part of a worksheet to another:
• Move the mouse pointer and click the mouse button. The cursor jumps from wherever it was to wherever you clicked.
• Use the arrow keys [f], [J.,], [~], and [f-] to move the crosshair up, down, right and left respectively. Mathcad scrolls the window whenever necessary.

• Click in the scroll bar to position the scroll box.

•With the mouse pointer on the scroll box, press and hold down the mouse button and move the mouse to drag the scroll box to another part of the scroll bar.
• Click on the arrows at the ends of the scroll bars to nudge the scroll box in the directions indicated by the arrows.
• Press [Pgup] and [PgDn]to move the cursor up and down by about one fourth the height of the window. You can also use [Ctrl][PgUp] and [Ctrl][pgDn] to move the cursor up and down by about 80% of the height of the window.
• Press [Ctrl][Home] to go to the first region of the worksheet, and [Ctrl][End] to go to the last region of a worksheet.
• Press [Shif t] [Pgup] and [Shif t ][PgDn]to position the preceding or following pagebreak at the top of the window.
• Choose Go to Page from the Edit menu and enter the page number you want to go to in the dialog box below.


When you click “OK,” Mathcad places the top of the page you specify at the top edge of the window.The position of the scroll box within the scroll bar serves as a rough guide to the position of the window relative to the rest of the worksheet. If the top of the window is a third of the way down from the top of the worksheet, the scroll box will be about a third of the way down the vertical scroll bar. The page number for whatever page is visible in the window is shown on the message line at the bottom of the window.

Multiple windows

You can have as many windows open as your available system resources will allow. This allows you to work on several worksheets at once by simply clicking the mouse  in whatever document window you want to work in. If the worksheet you want to work in is buried behind many other windows, pull down the Window menu and choose its name. To open a new document window, choose New from the File menu. To open a window into a previously saved worksheet, choose Open from the File menu. For more information about opening new worksheets and templates, see Chapter 4, “Worksheet Management.”

Posted on November 20, 2015 in The Basics

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