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you launch either the application that created the file or an application that is associated with a file of that type in the Windows Registry. You do not have the option of displaying such hyperlinked files within a pop-up window in the Mathcad application frame. For example, to create a hyperlink from a Mathcad worksheet to an animation (AVI) file:
• Specify a gateway in your Mathcad worksheet as described in the previous section.
• Choose Hyperlink-e New from the Insert menu.
• In the Insert Hyperlink dialog box, type the path or URL to the AVI file, or use the “browse” button to locate it on your file system.
• If you want a message to appear on the status line at the bottom of the window when the mouse hovers over the gateway to the hyperlink, type the message in the text box at the bottom of the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
• Click “OK” when you are done. Now when you double-click on the gateway, you will launch the Windows Media Player or a comparable application that can play AVI files, and you will see the animation.

Warning about hyperlinks from regions other than text

Although the gateway to a target worksheet can be any region, such as an equation or pl.ot, there are two significant disadvantages to using a region other than selected text.
• When you use text as a gateway, Mathcad makes the selected text bold and underlined to indicate that a hyperlink exists there. No corresponding indication is possible when you choose something other than selected text as a gateway.
• The hyperlink preempts the normal response to double-clicking on the region. For example, if you choose a plot as a gateway, you will no longer be able to doubleclick on that plot to open a formatting dialog box. For these reasons, we recommend that you use either selected text or an embedded graphic as a gateway to another worksheet.

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Worksheet Management

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